Minty Candycane The Name Game Cranberry Pi terminal

Find the first name of our guy “Chan!”
To solve this challenge, determine the new worker’s first name and submit to run to answer.

Press 2 to verify the system, then enter localhost && ls.
Now we have 3 files “menu.ps1 onboard.db runtoanswer”

Let’s check out “menu.ps1”, using this command localhost && cat menu.ps1.

You can find the code on my Git here

The file gets saved to onboard.db, and if you talk to “Minty Candycane” they tell you about the .dump command.

You could do “localhost && sqlite3 onboard.db .dump”, but there is much information here. (Unless you want to read it all!)

So, let’s do it another way! “localhost && sqlite3 onboard.db .dump > onboard.txt && cat onboard.txt | grep ‘Chan'”

Moreover, there we have it, Scott!
Just submit the answer, and that’s another one done here! “localhost && runtoanswer”


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