Bushy Evergreen Essential Editor Skills Cranberry Pi terminal

Bushy Evergreen somehow has been unable to exit Vim, maybe Nano next time?

“Hi, I’m Bushy Evergreen.
I’m glad you’re here, I’m the target of a terrible trick.
Pepper says his editor is the best, but I don’t understand why.”

“I’m in quite a fix, I need a quick escape.
Pepper is quite pleased, while I watch here, agape.
Her editor’s confusing, though “best” she says – she yells!
My lesson one and your role is exit back to shellz.”

-Bushy Evergreen

Exit vi.

There are many methods on how to close Vim Editor such as:
:q (Quits)
:q! (To quit without saving)
:wq (To write and quit)
:wq! (To write and stop, even if the file has read-only permissions)

If you’re using Vim in command mode you can use shift+z+z, or if you’re in window mode press the “X”.


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