Objective 10: Who Is Behind It All?

Objective 10 Who Is Behind It All?

Whom could it be, could it be Hans, maybe it’s Shinny Upatree, or maybe it could be the Grinch!

The answer is just behind one door, and we have the piano code to unlock it “ED#ED#EED#EF#G#F#G#ABA#BA#B”, and we have the PDF from “Objective 8 Network Traffic Forensics” which tells us what keys are where to let’s find out what evil is behind all of this!

So, it looks like the challenge isn’t over yet for us, but were so close now and we can’t just give up now, Alabaster Snowball gives us a hint that the key must be done in E and not D.

The issue here is, I don’t know how I could change the key from E to D… However, we have the internet! So we can use this website,which can change the Key’s for us, (You really can find anything on the internet!)

So, now have the key changed from E to D “DC#DC#DDC#DEF#EF#GAG#AG#A” and with a bit of time (And not hitting the wrong notes and starting over again.) We can now enter the piano locked door and look whom we find here.

However, we still don’t know who’s behind all of this! Let’s ask the big man himself Santa, and only then we find out who’s the mastermind behind all this. It’s Santa!

“You DID IT! You completed the hardest challenge. You see, Hans and the soldiers work for ME. I had to test you. And you passed the test!
You WON! Won what, you ask? Well, the jackpot, my dear! The grand and glorious jackpot!
You see, I finally found you!
I came up with the idea of KringleCon to find someone like you who could help me defend the North Pole against even the craftiest attackers.
That’s why we had so many different challenges this year.
We needed to find someone with skills all across the spectrum.
I asked my friend Hans to play the role of the bad guy to see if you could solve all those challenges and thwart the plot we devised.
And you did!
Oh, and those brutish toy soldiers? They are really just some of my elves in disguise.
See what happens when they take off those hats?
Based on your victory… next year, I’m going to ask for your help in defending my whole operation from evil bad guys.
And welcome to my vault room. Where’s my treasure? Well, my treasure is Christmas joy and good will.
You did such a GREAT job! And remember what happened to the people who suddenly got everything they ever wanted?
They lived happily ever after.”

We now have the answer to Objective 10, and with this answer, we have completed Objective 10 as well as Kringlecon 2018! Moreover, we learnt a life lesson from Santa himself.

(Note: If you have completed the Google Maze, you’re able to enter this room and skip most of the Objectives)

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